Who Should Come to the NWA Escape Room?


Team Building-Events

The NWA Escape Room is a wonderful way to get out of the cubicle and have your team work together to decipher clues, put their minds together, and think outside the box. They will get to participate in a new experience where they will have to rely on each other's strengths and leadership skills as they work towards the common goal of escaping the room in less than 60 minutes. Your team members are sure to leave inspired and with a renewed sense of energy after this ultimate team building experience.



Friends and Family

Bring your family and friends along for an unforgettable journey. Laugh, talk, and sleuth together in order to complete your mission. Take on the challenge and see if you can escape in 60 minutes or less. This experience calls for communication and interaction that will leave you with stories to tell and experiences to talk over for weeks to come.



Are you here visiting NWA? Looking for something exciting to do? The NWA Escape Room is sure to be a fun, challenging activity for your whole party. Located on College Street, we are right in the middle of everything. Share an hour of your time with us while you're visiting Fayetteville, AR and you won't be disappointed.