So Many Exciting Adventures to Choose from:

Which one will you Explore?

Revenger's Rescue is Available for 4-10 Players

Tragic News!  The powerful protectors of earth, the mighty Revengers, have been captured!  It's up to you and your team to get into Star Tower to find the precious and powerful "eternity stones" which can defeat their enemy and guarantee the heroes' release.  The evil enemy is coming to look for the stones as well though, so you will only have about 60 minutes to find them and escape back to HQ.  Can you prove your skills and find the stones in time?  Be ready for anything, it might even require the use of some super powers to complete this mission!

Al Capone's Hideout is available for 2-6 players

You and your group become members of "The Untouchables," a team of cops who work with Eliot Ness to bring down the feared mob boss, Al Capone. Your mission is to take down Capone's crime gang and put an end to the mob's violence for good. You'll need to secretly search the office of one of Capone's central bootleg distilleries without getting caught by any of his henchmen. Your search may reveal evidence against the mob boss himself and his inner circle, putting them behind bars where they belong. With only 60 minutes on the clock, you'll have to work fast.


Mayan Mystery is available for 4-10 players

Travel back to the 1600s in this mysterious adventure.  Your group of Spanish explorers are searching for the elusive Gonzalo Guerera, an adventurer turned anthropologist who has been studying the Mayan culture for the last few years.  You have just learned the location of his study in the hidden city of Chichen-itza and there isn't much time before the ship leaves to head back to Spain.  It's critical to find Guerera and his ground-breaking research before the ship leaves so you'll have just 60 minutes, search quickly!  Who knows what ancient secrets you may uncover, so be ready for anything!

"Clue" Me In is available for 4-8 Players

Your group are all distant relatives of the elderly "Mr Peabody" invited to visit his secluded estate for the weekend to hear the terms of his new will.  Sadly, Mr Peabody is murdered one afternoon, but it seems like everyone has an alibi.  The Police have been called but it will take an hour for them to get there.  In the meantime, you must figure out who it was that killed Mr Peabody, how and where.  Question everything and think like detectives, it could have been anyone...maybe even you?