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Welcome to the NWA Escape Room in Bentonville! 

Click the play button below and learn more about our remarkable live-action adventures!

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What Happens?
The 3 Musketeers

How an Escape Room Works...

You and your
family, friends, or 
work associates enter
the experience room
of your choice

Our timer is
set for 60-minutes
and we signal

Your team
works together 
to find clues, 
solve problems,
beat the clock!

Compare and
see how you did
with other players
and teams!!

The Notorious Al "Scar Face" Capone
Capone's gang takes over Chicago
The Capone Mobsters
Don't be surprised.
Gangsters Leave "Fingerprints"
What's in the safe in the hideout?
Bring Scar Face to justice...
...before he gets away again!!!

Al Capone’s Hideout


Al Capone's Hideout is available for 2-6 players


You and your group become members of "The Untouchables," a team of cops who work with Eliot Ness to bring down the feared mob boss, Al Capone. Your mission is to take down Capone's crime gang and put an end to the mob's violence for good. You'll need to secretly search the office of one of Capone's central bootleg distilleries without getting caught by any of his henchmen. Your search may reveal evidence against the mob boss himself and his inner circle, putting them behind bars where they belong. With only 60 minutes on the clock, you'll have to work fast.

3 musketeers image 1
3 Musketeers image 2
3 Musketeers image 3
3 Musketeers image 4
3 Musketeers image 5
3 Musketeers image 6

The 3 Musketeers


The 3 Musketeers is available for 4-8 players

Your group is made up of the famed Musketeers who proudly served King Louis the 13th of France until his unfortunate death 15 years ago.  Sadly, his son has spiraled into tyranny and your country is on the brink of disaster.  Only your band of loyal Musketeers has a chance to save the kingdom with an unlikely mission.  There are rumors of a secret prisoner who may be the brother of the king, and the true heir to the throne! If you can rescue this prince and find the evidence to prove his right to the throne then perhaps you can save your kingdom from poverty and ruin.  All for One and One for all!

Al Capone's Hideout
DL-44 Laser

Space Wars

Space Wars is available for 4-10 players

A little while ago in a galaxy kinda far away, there was a brave group of resistance fighters who had a secret base on an icy planet.  But the evil dictatorship has just discovered the location of the base, requiring a rapid evacuation.  Your team is in the control room of the base and will need to fire the base's ionic cannons in order to allow enough transport ships to escape.  You'll be racing against the clock as the ground battle has already begun and the evil dictator could arrive at the base at any time.  Will you be able to get everyone to safety before it's too late?

Space Wars


"Honest to goodness this was so fun! We did the Clue one as a family and it was perfect! Just tough enough to make us think, but we were still able to solve it! (We are a detective type family though). I would seriously recommend this place to anyone!!! It's perfect for all occasions. Thank you so much NWA Escape Rooms!"
-Alyssa W.

Facebook Reviews


"As a fan of both Escape rooms and Clue I had a blast! Very challenging and well thought out. Not your typical escape room more story driven. I can't wait to try their other rooms and see what they have to offer!!!!"
-Phillip P.

Trip Advisor


"Unique escape room experience! We had a mix of first-timers and veteran escapists in our room, and everyone had a great time. I really enjoyed the intention of encouraging everyone to work together to find an answer before time ran out, I also appreciate companies that steer away from violent themes for their rooms. This one was great! Would love to come back!"
-Megan R.

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