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Groups of all kinds love the NWA Escape Room!

Team Building



Birthday Parties

Tourist & NWA


Bachelor & Bachelorette 

Youth & Church

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Team Building Events


The NWA Escape Room is a wonderful way to get out of the cubicle and have your team work together to decipher clues, put their minds together, and think outside the box. They will get to participate in a fresh, new experience where they will..

• Rely on teamwork, cooperation, mutual support 
• Work towards the common goal of escaping the room in less than 60 minutes
• Learn each other’s hidden skills and talents
• Stretch their minds in fresh, unique ways

Your team members are sure to leave inspired and with a renewed sense of energy after this ultimate team building experience.

Team Buliding

Birthday Parties

Are you looking for a unique and exciting activity for your celebration that will be remembered for years to come? Want something that will be both challenging and FUN for groups of all ages from pre-teens to adults? Your party can immerse themselves in an adventure unlike anything you could find anywhere else! Solve a mystery, find hidden clues and escape in 60 minutes or less, all the while enjoying teamwork with friends and family! Perfect for Birthday parties, family reunions and all types of celebrations!

Birthday Parties

Tourists and Visitors


Are you here visiting NWA? Looking for something exciting to do? The NWA Escape Room is sure to be a fun, challenging activity for your whole party. With locations in Fayetteville and Bentonville, we are convenient to shopping and restaurants, and super close to major NWA attractions. Share an hour of your time with us while you're visiting Fayetteville, AR or Bentonville, AR and you won't be disappointed.

Tourists and Visitors

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties


An escape room adventure is the perfect way to celebrate before the big day! If you want a fun bonding experience that is sure to be the highlight of the evening, be sure to include an adventure with the NWA Escape Room in your party plans. With a variety of story themes and perfect for groups from 4 to 40+ you can't go wrong. Check out our unique room themes and sign up your group for the most fun you can have in 60 minutes. If you want to double the fun, bring the Bachelor party and Bachelorette party both together and have a little friendly competition to see which group can solve their adventure more quickly!

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Youth and Church Groups


A different and unique experience that pulls from the values gained by working together. A great way to deepen relationships with new and old members in a supportive environment.  Family oriented experiences stretch our minds and strengthen relationships. 

If your a group leader, each escape room has a story that can be rich with conversation and subjects to talk about afterwards. You can contact us for any rooms storyline and the unique events of each to spark conversations and lessons around. Our lobby has room for up to 15 people to comfortably hold a group discussion time.

Youth and Church Groups
Escape Room Waiver

NWA Escape Room Waiver 

to download your printable waiver form for your group. Save time in the lobby...fill them out ahead of time!


"Honest to goodness this was so fun! We did the Clue one as a family and it was perfect! Just tough enough to make us think, but we were still able to solve it! (We are a detective type family though). I would seriously recommend this place to anyone!!! It's perfect for all occasions. Thank you so much NWA Escape Rooms!"
-Alyssa W.

Facebook Reviews


"As a fan of both Escape rooms and Clue I had a blast! Very challenging and well thought out. Not your typical escape room more story driven. I can't wait to try their other rooms and see what they have to offer!!!!"
-Phillip P.

Trip Advisor


"Unique escape room experience! We had a mix of first-timers and veteran escapists in our room, and everyone had a great time. I really enjoyed the intention of encouraging everyone to work together to find an answer before time ran out, I also appreciate companies that steer away from violent themes for their rooms. This one was great! Would love to come back!"
-Megan R.

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