How an Escape Room Works...

You and your
family, friends, or 
work associates enter
the experience room
of your choice

Our timer is
set for 60-minutes
and we signal

Your team
works together 
to find clues, 
solve problems,
beat the clock!

Compare and
see how you did
with other players
and teams!!

Welcome to the NWA Escape Room in Fayetteville! 

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Push and hold on...

santa warkshop
Santa's Workshop Adventure Fireplace
What would Christmas be like...
Santa's Workshop Adventure
help the elf
Santa's Workshop Window
YOu'll Never stop me!

Santa's Workshop

Head-to-Head Adventure

Santa's Workshop is Available for 6-12 Players

The Grinch is Back!  Santa's workshop has been sabotaged and only you can save the day and keep all the girls and boys from being disappointed on Christmas!  This adventure has a unique twist; your group will compete AGAINST each other by going head to head in two identical rooms!  Can you think outside the box and use all your wits to undo the Grinch's scheme, find the missing toys and save Christmas?  You'll be racing against the clock and also racing against your friends!  You'll even have the chance to give yourself more time or confuse your competition by sending clues during the experience.  Are they helpful clues...or fake ones?

The Characters
Murder Weapons
Mr. Peabody's favorite chair
Kept his eye on his business
Mr. Peabody's table for two
Mr. Peabody loved his mortorcycle
...the irony abounds!
How? ...and WHO!?!?

“CLUE Me In!”

"CLUE Me In!" is available for 4-8 Players


Your group are all distant relatives of the elderly "Mr Peabody" invited to visit his secluded estate for the weekend to hear the terms of his new will.  Sadly, Mr Peabody is murdered one afternoon, but it seems like everyone has an alibi.  The Police have been called but it will take an hour for them to get there.  In the meantime, you must figure out who it was that killed Mr Peabody, how and where.  Question everything and think like detectives, it could have been anyone...maybe even you?


"Honest to goodness this was so fun! We did the Clue one as a family and it was perfect! Just tough enough to make us think, but we were still able to solve it! (We are a detective type family though). I would seriously recommend this place to anyone!!! It's perfect for all occasions. Thank you so much NWA Escape Rooms!"
-Alyssa W.

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"As a fan of both Escape rooms and Clue I had a blast! Very challenging and well thought out. Not your typical escape room more story driven. I can't wait to try their other rooms and see what they have to offer!!!!"
-Phillip P.

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"Unique escape room experience! We had a mix of first-timers and veteran escapists in our room, and everyone had a great time. I really enjoyed the intention of encouraging everyone to work together to find an answer before time ran out, I also appreciate companies that steer away from violent themes for their rooms. This one was great! Would love to come back!"
-Megan R.

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