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REVENGERS need your help!
Stark Towers have been compromised..
Eternity Stone
TOP SECRET, highly advanced robotics
HawkEye's Bow
Periodic Table
"J.A.S.P.E.R." - Stark Towers Ai/CNS
HawkEye's Bow Sight
The "Mjolinir" - Only The Worthy
Asset Destruction Timer Switch
Mr. Stark's Inspiration

Revengers Rescue

Revenger's Rescue is Available for 4-10 Players

Tragic News!  The powerful protectors of earth, the mighty Revengers, have been captured!  It's up to you and your team to get into Star Tower to find the precious and powerful "eternity stones" which can defeat their enemy and guarantee the heroes' release.  The evil enemy is coming to look for the stones as well though, so you will only have about 60 minutes to find them and escape back to HQ.  Can you prove your skills and find the stones in time?  Be ready for anything, it might even require the use of some superpowers to complete this mission!

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